Eco – Friendly

Our process also responds to a strong commitment to the environment, accomplishing with our ecological responsibility and producing only eco-friendly surface alternatives. For that reason our products are a great choice if you’re looking for a surface solution that is not only durable and easy to maintain but also easy on Mother Nature. Our products are made with 100% virgin material. They also contribute to improved indoor air quality thanks to VOC emissions below quantifiable level, less than 10ug/m3 after 28 days. For our productions counts with phthalate-free technology, based on alternative plasticizers that can be used for sensitive applications such as the production of toys, food packaging and medical devices. Materials don’t contain harmful substances such as heavy metals, cinnamaldehyde esters and formaldehyde. It is an environmentally friendly formula.


All our products are treated with a special layer to prevent permeation by water. This water-resistance made our product an ideal flooring option for intensely used and wet areas such as bathrooms and kitchens.

Real Touch

Real Touch™ matches the texture of the decor papers’ underlaying pattern, enables the colour and surface to match at 100% and create the realism of a genuine wood.

SPC Click Construction

Additional smart:wood Advantages


Moisture-resistance, ideal in kitchen or bathrooms. Firm under foot with a slip resistance value of R10.

Strong acoustic

Finzzi produces perfect acoustics in every space. It dampens song and reduces noise.

Fire prevention and flame retardant

If exit the flame in 5 seconds, it will extinguish and not produce toxic substances and gases.

High impact resistance

Does not leave traces or marks when supporting strong blows.

Realistic finish

Different designs and references to create a realistic and quality finish.

Floor & wall use

All our products can be applied to any surface, either floor or wall.

Stain resistant & low

The top layer protects against knock and stains, they can be removed in seconds.

Elastic resilience

For greater comfort when walking in normal and critical areas, avoiding possible leaks and breaks due to impact.

Suitable for underfloor

Finzzi’s floors are perfectly compatible with underfloor heating.

Warm flooring

Finzzi’s floors offer to the space a comfortable & warm sensation.


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